Domino's Pizza took

ONE £MILLION worth of orders per WEEK

over the internet in November, 2007.

This was 15% of total orders at their 470 stores. On average, each order was 20% greater than orders received over the phone because customers are more relaxed using the internet rather than the telephone, according to Jane Kimberlin, a director.

OnLine Sales Rise for Fast-Food Retailers

In July, 2007, Domino launched a service to allow customers to place orders by text message from their mobile phone, and several thousand signed up for the service within a month.

Several other fast-food concerns have introduced similar ecommerce systems, for example Subway.

To survive in today's market, any fast-food company needs all the advantages available. The message is simple – either give the customers what they want or they will go somewhere else.

Yours may be a smaller business than Domino or Subway, and you may believe that, while a business with 470 plus outlets can afford these sort of systems, you cannot.

Think Again!

Visit to experience for yourself what you could be offering your customers within a week.

And we are not talking big money! Typically, 2% of your internet/text orders, and you will need a PC with internet connection. Set-up costs £250 and includes a basic website (if you haven't got one already), menu uplift, and email provision.

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